Digital Odour Monitoring

Ortelium is a dynamic atlas that collects, visualises, and analyses data of odour observations by humans or sensors. It provides an insight into the odour impact of past, current, and future events. It allows us to control odour emissions and intervene when necessary.

Registration of odour complaints and communication tool

Ortelium enables you to register and manage odour complaints quite simply by using tools such as a smartphone app. Registrations are visualised in real time on the cloud-based platform. More info

Real time odour dispersion modelling

By combining accurate meteorological data and the knowledge about the emitted odour from your site, Ortelium calculates and visualises the dispersion of your emissions on a digital map in real time. More info

Sensors – Electronic noses

Ortelium can interface with any type of sensor to monitor and visualise data. An electronic nose (e-nose) is an example of such a sensor which monitors the odour impact on the surroundings continuously. More info

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