Smart Odour Management

Optimise your odour treatment and save on operating costs.

A good odour treatment that limits nuisance odours in the surrounding area is often a source of high operating costs.

In many cases, industrial odour emissions do not have a harmful impact on humans or the environment apart from the perception of the odour itself. Odorous emissions are reduced on the basis of the nuisance they may cause in the surrounding area. If there is no such nuisance, odour treatment is theoretically unnecessary. This concept forms the basis of the Smart Odour Management application developed by ODORO. Smart Odour Management offers optimal management and control of the release of odorous emissions with case-specific software that calculates and evaluates the impact of the odour on the surroundings in real-time.

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The benefits

  • Optimal management of odorous emissions and avoidance of nuisance odours in the surrounding area
  • Reduction in operating costs (by up to 50%)
  • Link to CO2 reduction targets
  • No unnecessary use of materials and energy
  • Works independently of the company’s internal IT network
  • Business case with a payback period of less than 2 years
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