Sensors – Electronic noses

Ortelium can interface with any type of sensor to monitor and visualise data.

An electronic nose (e-nose) is an example of such a sensor which monitors the odour impact on the surroundings continuously.  Here, for example, sensors are placed in specific locations in the surroundings and/or at the fence line of the facility. The sensors of the electronic noses identify odour profiles. To this end they are calibrated on the specific odour profile which is emitted from the facility or odour source.

Both existing sensor networks or new networks can be integrated into the Ortelium platform.

If you plan to build a new sensor network, we and our network of technology partners will support you. We can help you to identify the ideal sensors and suggest suitable sensor locations, based on local meteorological conditions, terrain, existing buildings, and other parameters.

We will work with you to suggest how best to visualise your sensor data, giving you rapid access to the most valuable information and enabling you to take timely and appropriate action.

How can Odoro help you?

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