Developing measures and follow-up

On the basis of the results of the sources characterisation and/or impact assessment, supplemented by our rich expertise, we recommend the most appropriate measures in order to control the odour emissions. These can be measures ‘at source’, preventive measures, or end-of-pipe solutions. We are very familiar with proven techniques and follow new state-of-the-art technology.

We examine and consider with an open mind, cross-sectoral, and always look for the most effective, solid, and cost-conscious measures. Where applicable, we make the link with the Smart Odour Management concept. This offers opportunities to manage the entire issue cost effectively and with maximum efficiency.

In the selection of odour treatment techniques, we provide various forms of guidance: selection of the most appropriate measure, making of conceptual designs, guidance in the choice of supplier, and follow-up of the installation operation.

We are independent of suppliers and, where applicable, we work together with complementary experts.

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