Odour impact assessment

A first option to determine the odour impact on the surroundings is to carry out field inspection measurements. This means that qualified panel members define the zone downwind where the facility or source-related odour is perceived. The findings of these field inspection measurements are processed digitally. The results are evaluated against the legal frameworks. We carry out these measurements in accordance with the European Standard “Determination of odour in ambient air by using field inspection” (ref. EN16841-2). ODORO is a VLAREL-certified laboratory in the discipline Air to perform field inspection measurements.

Another method consists in processing the characteristics of the odours collected on site ‘at source’, such as the odour concentration and the air flow, through dispersion calculations. The results of these calculations are then evaluated against the legal frameworks.

Apart from the above methodologies, there are opportunities to allow active participation by people living in the neighbourhood. Furthermore, the application of ‘electronic noses’, sensors that are placed in the surroundings, is another option. These approaches can be supported with digital platforms.

For each case, the most appropriate method or combination of methods is always selected. The basic objective is to create a clear and objective view of the real odour impact on the surroundings. Only in this way is an objective evaluation possible.

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